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Lumenis launches M22 OPT technology for dry & itchy eyes
Our Bureau, Mumbai - Thursday, October 12, 2017, 12:30 Hrs  [IST]
With an increasingly use of gadgets like mobiles phones, laptops and computers workaholic people are more prone to dry eye syndrome. Studies show that humans generally blink about 22 times a minute. But when we concentrate on a computer screen or a smart phone or even while driving, the rate goes down to five or seven blinks per minute. If this tear film does not spread sufficiently across the eye, it can lead to dryness and irritation.

To cater with the solution of dry eye syndrome, Lumenis Ltd, the world’s largest energy-based medical device company for surgical, aesthetic and ophthalmic applications launched its first ever Lumenis M22 OPT technology with Center for Sight in New Delhi.

“With the launch of Optimum Pulse Technology (OPT) for dry eye disease, Lumenis helps address this growing disease with our path breaking technology. Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is one of the leading causes of dry eye disease (DED), affecting millions worldwide. Optimal pulse technology from Lumenis has emerged as the most effective alternative for patients with MGD. OPT leads to significant improvement in ocular surface quality, gland function and dry eye symptoms” said Rashid Mokhdoomi, senior director, marketing India and South Asia, Lumenis.

“We have also developed a practice enhancement programmes for clinics; as we foresee rapid increase in demand for dry eye treatment with OPT technology. We continue to invest in our training and education platforms to ensure increasing number of patients benefit from the latest OPT technology,” added Mokhdoomi.

Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev, chairman and medical director, Centre for Sight said “Technology has opened a new pathway for treating the patients who has to face a lot of problems related to the dry eye. Since, we always believed in bringing new technology to consumers, the new M22 OPT is in fact a path breaking technology to the traditional used therapies”.

The Lumenis M22 OPT is an excellent technology for treating eyelid inflammation. OPT is selectively absorbed in the hemoglobin of abnormal blood vessels, and destroys them by thrombosis. A major source of inflammation threatening the eyelids is then removed. It treats the root cause of the problem, provides immediate relief, a safe and comfortable, fast “lunch time” treatment and improves the skin appearance too.

Experts say dry eye affects millions of adults. The risk increases with advancing age.

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