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IndiQube sees pharma and biotech start-ups evince interest in shared work spaces to spur innovation
Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru - Saturday, June 9, 2018, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]
IndiQube sees the potential to attract pharma and biotech start-ups for its co-work space office model to spur innovation. It considers the segment as an ideal fit for its shared work spaces to scale-up, enable operational flexibility and reduce capital expenditure.
Bengaluru which has emerged as the start-up capital of the country is home to large chunk of entrepreneurial driven enterprises in the pharma and biotech space. While the industry observers perceive a massive shortage of the small office spaces for start-ups to kick off operations, they also contend the importance of early-stage companies to get started from shared work spaces.
“We create the right business environment for emerging companies to thrive by providing space to grow. Over the last few years, there have been several pharma and bio-tech start-ups coming up. We have also come to realise that each industry is different from the other, not just in terms of operations, but structure too. Biotech and pharma companies primarily focus on research. Our smart, techno-flexi office spaces are the perfect fit for all their needs, be it even a Research & Development Centre”, Meghna Agarwal, co- founder and COO, IndiQube told Pharmabiz in an email.
“Our choices of strategic locations, amenities, employee benefits, partnered spaces with pay-per-use model and vibrant interiors with options to scale up/down without any hassles as and when required have helped companies connect, collaborate, and grow. mFine, Icon Clinical Research, Sayre Therapeutics, and Kids Clinic are a few pharma/healthcare/biotech companies that have made IndiQube their home,” she added.
On the reasons for start-ups to look for co-working spaces, Agarwal noted that for start-ups a workspace is an integral part of the company’s growth. Start ups look at a highly networked, shared, multipurpose space that redefines boundaries between companies and improve everyone’s performance, said Agarwal.

“As start-ups work on cash-strapped budgets, allocating funds for office space is not seen to be a good option. Instead opting for a work environment that scales the probability of fruitful interactions to increase innovation and productivity is preferred,” she noted.
Now the new-age, techno-flexi workspaces are customized according to company's preferences, brand value, and ethos. We offer space and interiors designed to reflect the company’s background and its demography. Working in a shared office setup, different companies have their own identity and are also able to create a distinct culture relevant to the brand among their employees. A shared workspace is a complete ecosystem of community where start–ups can connect and collaborate, allowing growth of both employees and companies. With amenities such as open terrace cafeterias, gyms, reception desk, designated lounge areas; phone booths, and breakout areas, employee engagement is taken care by the office space, thus becoming a playground for start-ups to succeed, stated the IndiQube chief.

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